The sun is the most powerful energy source, whether or not to use it?
It is the form of renewable energy most easily accessible at the moment, given the contained costs; the relatively short time required for obtaining the authorizations and the permissions necessary to build the plant; its modular and easily expandable structure; its ample options for positioning, that allows the use of surfaces otherwise left unused (roofs, external walls, uncultivated fields...).

A photovoltaic plant is a plant that turns solar energy into electric energy.
It is composed of: forms or photovoltaic panels; transformer, that transforms the direct current produced by the forms into alternating current; electric square voters and connection cables (to connect to the distribution network).
The size of the plant varies according to the needs and the consumption of the customer.
installs plants of various dimensions, giving the customer the possibility to choose the most suitable for him from a wide range of materials and products.
The area of free consulting and intervention in the photovoltaic sector covers the whole of northern Italy, thanks to the various collaborations B.C.E. has with important partners.



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